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IF+ (30 Days) + 10x Magic Keys

IF+ is a subscription-based rank upgrade. You will gain the following perks for the duration of your subscription.

10 free Magic keys a month (a $25 value)

As an IF+ member you will receive a complementary 10 free Magic Keys every month that you can spend on the Magic Crate for exclusive items. The value of the keys alone already pays for your month of IF+

Access to /shout

/shout allows you to send a personalized message to all online servers! Choose your message wisely though as you can only shout once every 3 hours!

Access to all currently released trails

Every trail that we've ever publicly released (including Seasonal Trails) are available for you to use!

Custom particle effects & announcement on join

Login in style! Every time you join the server a message will be sent to all players in the Esplanade that you've connected. In addition, a particle animation will play around you as you spawn in.

NEW IF+ Titles

Access to the IF+ Member Title Access to the IF+ Crew Title Access to the IF+ Early Supporter Title

NEW Access to /afk

Set your status as AFK for all players to know when you aren’t around to respond

NEW Access to /raffle

Have an item you want to giveaway? At any time you can raffle your item off for players to enter a giveaway for

NEW Chatbubbles for all chat messages

Every message you send will appear above your head and follow you around for a few seconds after sending it. You can turn this off in /settings

Automatic 2x Multiplier for the first 48 hour of a ride release

Every time we release a new ride you will be given an additional 2x Bonus on top of your existing ride payout for the first 48 hours of that release!

Moe Keys Discount

MoeKeys will cost you 6000 Kingdom Coins rather than 7000!

NEW Weekly Bonus Ride Boosters

Every week you can claim 3 6hr random ride boosters that will each provide a 1.3x multiplier to your rides

NEW Custom Spawn Locations

Have a favorite spot in the park? You can use the command /setpersonalspawn <warp> to set your spawn point to any warp on the server.

Private Player Wardrobe

Your own personal wardrobe allows you to save & use different skins for ImagineFun! Each IF+ member has their own wardrobe with every skin they've saved that you can switch to at any time! We believe this feature will be very beneficial to guests who enjoy wearing different outfits for different events! Your selected skin will automatically be applied when you login to the server!

Flight in Common Spaces

Be the only ones flying other than staff! All IF+ members gain the ability to fly in common spaces around the park. You can fly in the following locations:

  • Carthay Circle
  • Fantasyland Theater
  • Esplanade
  • The Penthouse
  • Hyperion Theater
  • Partner Statue
  • Hyperion Theatre
  • Pixie Hollow
  • Soundstage 17

NEW Hosted Minigames (/host)

For the first time ever we have added minigames to ImagineFun. The only way that minigames can be played is by an IF+ member hosting one.

Any IF+ member can use the command /host to view a list of all available minigames. Once you choose the game a broadcast is sent out to all players on ImagineFun allowing them to join in and play.

We will regularly be adding new games so that there are always new games to try out and play!

NEW Ride Camera POV (/pov)

IF+ members will have access to the best view on the ride! On supported rides you become attached to the ride vehicle itself giving you an unobstructed view that is not comparable to any other ride view. This truly is an unmatched experience and it’s only available to our IF+ members.

How much is it?

Ok, that’s a lot of new perks I’m assuming you probably increased the price right? WRONG! IF+ is the exact same price of 10 keys, which did we mention is included every month? It pays for itself! In addition, there are six-month and yearly discounts!


$25 $17.50


$150 $86 Save $62


$300 $175 Save $125

Support the server

We created IF+ because as a way to celebrate those who support IF. We truly believe that the cost far outweighs the cost for any hardcore IF fan. We are excited that these features are now available to all members, not just DVC.